“You are one of the very best instructors I have ever encountered and I thank you for your dedication to this practice.” – A. Kanary, Victoria, BC (Yoga on the Farm)

“My friend and I speak of your retreat practically daily. We wish we could go every weekend. It has changed us both and brought us closer as friends. – M. Buckley (Yoga on the Farm)

“It was truly an amazing weekend for me, and I can still feel the effects in my body, my posture, and my breathing… wow!!” – N. Finn, Edmonton, AB (Yoga on the Island)

“Her kind, loving and compassionate nature is revealed through her teaching and her expertise is remarkable.” – T. Manta (Yoga on the Farm)

“Needless to say, the beautiful setting, comfort, good food and friendship from the participants contributed to this exceptional experience.” – V. Moutal, Vancouver, BC. (Yoga on the Farm)

“This weekend changed my life dramatically. Somehow the universe sent me what I needed and the weekend was a turning point for me.”
– K. Moore, Seattle, WA (Yoga on the Farm)

Everything was outstanding – the yoga sessions, the accommodation, the food, the sauna, the spa, the group and…..you are very gifted teacher!” – M. Sum, Calgary, AB (Yoga on the Farm)

“Your remarkable teaching put everyone in such a good space and brought out the best in all of us!” – N.L. Keenlyside, Vancouver BC (Yoga on the Farm)

“You are a gifted and generous teacher, and your obvious love for, and belief in, the practice of yoga spills out onto your students in a gentle and infectious way…I am at a cross-roads professionally, and the opportunity to slow down, turn in, and open up at your retreat was an important piece in my path finding. It was well worth the trip from Ontario!” – A. Kennedy, Toronto, ON (Yoga on the Farm)

“Mexico was truly transformational for me. A whole week of yoga practice, sunshine, rest and walking on the beach, gave me a whole new perspective on my life. Thank you for your skilled and compassionate teaching!”
– M. Harra, Vancouver, BC (Yoga in Mexico)

“Dorothy, I feel strong and restored, inside and out, and ready to take on whatever this wonderful world has in store for me and my family. You are truly an inspiration and I look forward to linking up with you again…You are a kind and gentle soul – this came out in your teaching and created a relaxed, but focused environment.” – N. Milford (Yoga on the Farm)

“It was so nice to get together with my sister in such a joyful, peaceful atmosphere. The yoga instruction was wonderful – so personal and informative.”
– P. Beck, Victoria, BC (Yoga on the Island)

“The food was fantastic!! I was thrilled with my accommodation!! The teaching, inspiring!!” – T. Joli, Los Angeles, CA (Baja Retreat)

Your retreat, surpassed my expectations. – L. Underwood, Toronto, ON (Yoga in Mexico)

About the Spring Cleanse Retreat….
~”The raw vegetarian food was a highlight of my weekend. As a genuine foodie, it far surpassed by expectations in terms of combination of flavour, range of dishes and creativity galore. It was hard to eat some of the dishes as they truly were works of art and I definitely did not shed a few pounds! Shani puts more love into her food than any chef in the finest of restaurants.”
– J. Turner, Vancouver  BC
~”Wow, the raw food was ‘over the top’ delicious…I am inspired to include more raw food in my diet!” – N. Goffin, Calgary AB

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