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Dorothy’s Online Yoga School will give you access to an ever-growing
library of video classes, including asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork)
and meditation as well as LIVE classes. Let Dorothy help get you
on the mat every day and maintain a home practice that you love.


Santosha is a state of mind that is at peace with the world. A place of contentment.
Santosha Yoga Retreats provides a getaway from daily life,
helping you to find peace and contentment. Yoga helps us realized this goal.

Santosha Yoga Retreats is based on beautiful Salt Spring Island.
We offer yoga retreats on Dorothy’s home of 35 years, Salt Spring Island, as well as locations in
Tofino, Bali, Italy and the Galapagos Islands!

2023 Yoga Retreats

May 18 - 22, 2023
Salt Spring Island, BC

July 25 - 30, 2023
Salt Spring Island, BC

October 4 - 8, 2023
Salt Spring Island, BC

2024 - Contact Dorothy. Dates not confirmed yet.

2024 - Contact Dorothy. Dates not confirmed yet.

What People Are Saying About Santosha

BEST part for me was how you incorporated the asanas and the breathing and the meditations seamlessly - everything fit and complimented each other and defined WHOLE practice.

Carrie, Yoga on the Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC

Since 2002, Dorothy Price, founder of Santosha Yoga Retreats, has been dedicated to providing beautiful havens for recharging the spirit. As an experienced yoga teacher with over 10,000 teaching hours, Dorothy consistently provides thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate teaching as well as inspiration for living well.

Join in one of her ‘all levels’ rejuvenating retreats and immerse yourself in yoga practice.
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The recent addition of her online yoga school will give you everything you need to learn about yoga and establish an enjoyable home practice whether a beginner or an experienced yogi.