November 16, 2019


Whether it be a seemingly small and insignificant issue or a very big issue, speaking up can be difficult for some.
Why don’t we speak up? Is it because we are afraid of offending others; afraid of looking foolish; afraid of getting hurt or think it is not our place? Do we believe it is not something a peaceful soul does? Do we lack courage? Or do we think that if we criticize another then they might criticize us and that makes us uncomfortable because we don’t like to be criticized?

As long as the greater good is the priority, it is best to speak up. Silence might mean you are not being truthful or, it may be perceived as approval even if you disagree. If you consistently stay silent, you may be viewed as an enabler. You will not get any thanks when people realize that you have remained silent on an issue rather than speaking up.

When you speak up there is always a risk of being thought of as foolish or; some might disagree with you. On the other hand, some might agree with you and see you as a wise leader. Once voiced you may find out that others share the same feeling or opinions as you. You may inspire others to speak up. At very least, you have made an effort to offer your honest opinion.

Speaking up is a form of honesty. If your friend, partner or associate can count on you for honest, constructive feedback you are a good friend indeed. They will appreciate your honesty and caring and will look to you for advice. You will build strong friendships this way.

No one else has your unique perspective, and no one can read your mind. By speaking up, people will learn more about your values and skills.

If you aren’t used to speaking up, it will take courage. The more you speak your truth, the more you will become an honest and authentic person. If we practice speaking up, it will become easier over time.

Life in the world is not peaceful all the time and sometimes requires effort and a willingness to live with being “uncomfortable” at times in our attempt to live truthfully and integrally.
Honest and positive feedback is the best way for a relationship to grow and for the individuals to flourish as long as it is done with integrity.

Things to remember:
• Do no harm.
• Speak as calmly and kindly as possible.
• You aren’t out to destroy someone’s ego.
• Give positive and constructive feedback.
• Get used to people disagreeing with you or even laughing at you (it’s only our ego after all!)

Play the game of life with honesty, kindness and wisdom. It takes practice. It may feel like a risk but speaking up is best. Celebrate each time you find the courage to speak up.
Yoga practice helps you see with clarity and compassion. It helps you to interact from a place of wisdom and calm.


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