January 16, 2020

What is Holding You Back? …Self-Sabotage?

Whether you want to start a new business, start a new project, look for new employment or start an exercise routine.
What is it that stops you from moving ahead?
Often, it is self-sabotaging traits, or habits, that repeat themselves over and over throughout our lives.
Self-sabotage is when it appears that you want something (success), but something in your personality wants something else (failure).

Below are some possible self-sabotaging traits?

1. You are Always Waiting for the Perfect Time.
Don’t fool yourself. That moment is unlikely ever to happen. The perfect time is now! You can start baby steps toward your goals. Experts say that it is those that don’t wait till everything seems perfect that end up moving forward and succeeding.

2. You Think You are Too Old or Too Young.
Age is irrelevant when it comes to goals and achievements. Age is a barrier only if you make it so.

3. You Feel You Lack Experience.
You may never feel you are experienced enough. Don’t use it as an excuse. Experience is helpful, but many successful people learn as they go.

4. You Dwell on Too Many Options
Too many options can lead to decision paralysis. Simplify and prioritize. Get started!

5. You Spend All Your Time Planning
Planning is good but are you using it to avoid starting?
Start with a quick, initial plan and a strategy. Then start!
When plans meet reality they often have to be changed or updated anyway.

6. You Let Others Consume Your Time (includes internet distractions)
Your time is finite and non-renewable. Avoid interruptions and distractions of any sort. Guard your time fiercely.

7. You Tell Yourself a Negative Story or You Assume a Negative Outcome.
Drop self-defeating thoughts like “I’ll never be good enough” or “This will never work”.
Life can reward you in surprising ways when you have the courage to move forward.
Do your best. Leave the outcome to the Universe.

8. You Overspend
Budget. Spend less than you earn.

9. You Sabotage Your Sleep.
Make it a priority to try to get enough sleep. You will get more done. Turn off the TV, computer, phone etc. and set a realistic bedtime. Stick to it. Consider napping or meditating mid-afternoon.

10. You can’t handle feedback or criticism
Get used to handling positive and negative feedback. Although criticism can be discouraging, it can be helpful. Give yourself a few days to absorb the feedback. Then regroup and keep going! Listen to what people say but don’t let them dissuade you from your goals.

11. When the Going Gets Tough, You Quit
Failure is part of the process. It doesn’t mean you should quit. Regroup and start again.

We have it in us to soar like an eagle, but sometimes our upbringing and beliefs lead us to self-sabotage. Yoga helps us to dissolve away traits and beliefs that don’t serve us. It takes constant work.