June 8, 2023

FEAR & FAITH Living in the Dis-Comfort Zone - Revisited

Sigh….if only our lives could be simple, easy and predictable.
If only we could have everything we needed and wanted. If only we were always successful at everything we did or tried. If only everyone could live long, healthy lives.

Even if we have everything we want or need, we never know what “surprise” is around the corner. Often these surprises involve changes, losses, or health concerns and may fill us with fear. Fear is something we all experience; it is inevitable. It is a natural reaction to something challenging or threatening to us. How can we keep moving forward in our lives and not be paralyzed by our fear?

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”  – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Can we live in the discomfort zone and not be filled with fear?

If we could only let go of fear, loosen its grip. This is where faith comes in.

Faith is what reduces or eliminates fear. Faith in yourself. Faith that you will get through the challenge. Faith that when you have done everything you can, the “great powers that be” will take over. Faith that you will be able to live with the outcome. It involves a certain amount of “letting go”. Letting go can bring great peace.

It is not always easy to have faith, but if you cultivate it, faith can give you great relief from this sometimes crippling dis-ease called fear.

We need to be strong, healthy and courageous “Warriors” to get through our lives. Like the athletes who train for their sport, we need to figure out the best combination of sleep, good nutrition and exercise to prepare us for the sport of “life”. In yoga, we recognize the need to be strong, stable warriors; focused, calm, and accepting warriors. You may have heard of the Warrior poses. We stretch and strengthen. We focus and calm our minds. By the end of our class, we are better prepared to face our challenges with clarity and courage. When we are strong in the body and focused in the mind, we are prepared to face whatever comes our way. Meditation is one of our strongest tools.
Yes, we may get knocked down, but we will more easily get back up if we are healthy in mind and body.

Many physical activities will help strengthen you physically and mentally. Pick one. Start today.
Only you can give yourself this gift of physical fitness and mental preparedness.

Join me and prepare yourself for the Sport of Life.

See you on the mat.
I will be there with you.