January 31, 2024

Gratitude – It Can Change Your Life! Use gratefulness to raise your own and others' levels of well-being. Believe it!

Gratitude is a gift that we can give and receive
It makes our hearts lighter and our minds more at ease
It helps us to see the beauty in every moment and everything.

“Thank you” and “I’m grateful for…”. These simple words can have a significant effect not only on the receivers but also on the givers of gratitude.

When you are grateful, you are aligning yourself with finding the “positive”; consequently, your energy will rise to a more positive vibration. Some people believe gratitude is key to manifesting your desires. They believe that positive energy attracts positive energy.
When you are busy, tired, worried or stressed, finding something to be happy or grateful about can help change your energy from dark, depressed or angry to light and peaceful.

Complaining about your life and criticizing others can create a downward spiral of energy. If this happens, you can deliberately use gratefulness to raise your energy level and well-being! This is important because studies show that someone who is feeling positive is happier in their life, more likely to take care of themselves, and will spread happiness to those with whom they live and work.
It feels good to make someone else feel good! It could become a personal mission to spread heartfelt gratitude to help others feel good. What effect could you have on a family member, friend or co-worker if you expressed sincere gratitude for them? It might be just what they need to hear to make a difference in their life and make them feel appreciated. It may also have far-reaching benefits of loyalty, friendship, and support from the person to whom you expressed gratitude.
Sometimes, it can be hard to open your heart and give gratitude to those closest to you and who are most deserving.

Ever wish you were more appreciated? You may have to wait a long time for someone to express gratitude to you, so don’t wait for it! Instead, start offering heartfelt gratitude everywhere you feel is deserving. You and the recipients of your gesture will flourish and grow!

Ways to incorporate gratitude into your life:

1) Focus on the positive
2) Make a gratitude list daily or weekly (people, places, things etc).
3) Express in a letter or verbally to someone your feelings of gratitude for them.
4) Remember to feel grateful for the good in your life as often as possible.
5) Walk in nature. Feel the natural love and appreciation for nature flow.

Cultivating gratitude is a simple way to improve your life dramatically. You don’t have to read a book. It’s not complicated. Just do it and watch the magic happen!

PS. Having trouble thinking of those people/places/things to be grateful for? Ten minutes of mindful yoga, breath-work or meditation will help!


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