April 15, 2012

Yoga and Weight Loss

Weight loss…here is a topic that many grapple with.

I would love to see the focus change from ‘weight loss’ to ‘well being’!
I am an advocate of healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise of all kinds!
I encourage everyone to engage in the physical activities that most appeal to them.
We don’t have to stick to just one…the more the better.
All will help with a sense of well being and weight loss.

Because yoga is my specialty, I can shed some light on why yoga is so helpful.

  • Yoga affects us on many levels.
  • On an obvious level, a yoga class with a higher energy flow will help burn calories but studies show that even the slower classes help shed pounds.
  • Yoga teaches us to be mindful of how the body feels. We will be less likely to overeat and more careful about our food choices.
  • Yoga calms the mind. We can make more mindful choices when we come from a calm place.
  • Yoga settles the emotions. This will help to reduce the times you indulge in inappropriate foods to satisfy your emotional needs.
  • Yoga brings wisdom. When the mind is quiet we can access our inner wisdom. We all know what foods we shouldn’t eat and we all know that we should be proactive in our own health.

Perhaps you think that you can’t go to yoga or fitness class until you are thinner.
That is like saying “I can’t go to a yoga class until I am more flexible!”
Come to the safe sanctuary of a class.

We all have body ‘wishes’…. thinner, taller, shorter….or perhaps we perceive that one of our body parts falls short of ideal. Truth is, we all have something that we feel a little (or a lot) insecure about.
I invite you to quit negatively judging yourself and be the beautiful being that you are.
Let’s make our focus; optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Everytime you eat, drink or do something ask yourself if this is contributing to your optimal wellbeing.

Come to the safe sanctuary of a class.
When I see my students walk out the door with that peaceful, radiant glow I know that we are working in the right direction.

Bring your beautiful body to the mat and let’s see where the journey will take us!
See you there!

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*Attending even one yoga class a week will acheive many benefits that can last many days after the class. Think what a yoga retreat could do for you!