January 5, 2012

Yoga Can Help!

Did you know that only a very small percentage of people who make New Year’s Resolutions actually keep them? Yoga can help!

The most common resolutions have to do with weight-loss and fitness/health commitments… it’s natural and healthy to want to do these things!

As a yoga teacher, I know that it takes practice and patience to change a long-held pattern. Yoga can help you achieve your goals (and… forgive yourself if you fall a little short, too!).
With regular yoga practice (even one class a week) we get more focused in the mind and attain stronger and more flexible bodies. We gain body awareness and develop gratitude for the amazing gift that our bodies are. Yoga helps us to love and accept ourselves no matter what our body image concerns are.

When it comes to weight loss, because yoga teaches us to be mindful of how the body feels, we will be less likely to overeat and more careful about what we put into our bodies.
Changing our focus from a ‘weight loss diet’ to an ‘eat only foods that will make me as healthy as possible diet’ will go a long way. Often it is what we choose ‘not’ to eat that can make a difference to our health. If you eat a healthier diet you will be more likely to loose weight.

If you are facing a tough challenge like quitting smoking or drinking, yoga practice will help keep you calm and steady and help you get through the stressful times when relapse is most common. As we develop deep gratitude for our bodies, through our yoga practice, we will be less likely to participate in harmful activities. Replacing an unhealthy activity with a healthy activity like yoga, running, working out at the gym, swimming etc will help.

Let these tried and true methods help you achieve your resolutions.

  • Set Realistic Goals
    If it’s not realistic you will automatically be setting yourself up for failure!
  • Chart Your Progression Towards Your Goal
    Either journal your progress or keep track on a calendar.
  • Have a Support Group and Success Team
    Find someone or a group of people to share your challenges and successes with!

Whether it is January or July, let yoga help you with your commitments to good health.

See you on the mat!
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