February 28, 2012

Yoga and Relationships

For many people, a “love partner” relationship is considered successful only if all of their sexual and emotional needs are fulfilled, and their economic and social-status aspirations are met. Obviously, things often don’t work out in this manner and there can be a feeling of disappointment in the relationship.

Disappointments can also arise in family relationships and in friendships when you feel your “idealized’ needs have not been fulfilled.

How can yoga help?
Yoga is about relationship awareness.
Relationship of our mind, body and breath.
Relationship of movement and breath.
Relationship of our body and the space around you and others around you.

Yoga brings mindfulness. It requires that our mind and body become compatible and work together. We learn to be “realistic” about what our bodies “can” do and not push our bodies into an idealized vision of what we would like it do. With our yoga practice, although we strive to improve our health, wisdom and well being, we grow to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

With yoga we find clarity in what is possible and what is not possible. This innate wisdom starts to overflow into our daily lives and helps us find clarity in many areas of our lives….including relationships.

As we bring mindfulness into our relationships, we begin to see that the mind endlessly grasps after things, clings to expectations and idealized fantasies, and then resents our partner or loved one if he or she doesn’t share the same values or does not meet our expectations. Love and affection are easily forgotten amidst such hindrances. Often the mind clings to images of how things are “supposed to be”. Consequently “what is” is never explored as a chance for deepening love with our partner or a family member.

Relationships begin with our self – a relationship that deepens and grows and changes just like any other. Only when we deepen our appreciation of ourselves, and what we have to offer; and learn what is realistic and what is idealized, can we begin to truly appreciate and truly support and love another.

See you on the mat!

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