April 5, 2022

Yoga Homework Challenge of the Week! – Hug Knee Balance. Click to watch.

Welcome to this week’s Yoga Homework Challenge!

Takes 1 – 2 mins to do!

Click below to watch the video… and *Please SHARE this post with your family and friends! Challenge them!

This week’s Yoga Homework Challenge is a great way to:

  • Focus your mind
  • Improve your ability to balance
  • Give your belly a gentle squeeze
  • Get you breathing rhythmically

As always, I offer modifications to make the pose manageable to all and a more challenging version for those that want more. Only do these challenges if they feel right for your body.

These Yoga Homework Challenges are for everyone, not just yogis! Keeping them short and simple is key to doing them often.

I challenge you to do each challenge as many times as you can in a day! Everyday!


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